I will, unfortunately, be away from Mid October until possibly the end of November. Please accept my deepest apologies, I am looking forward to assisting you all again very soon!  Sincerely, Hawkeye Home Inspections


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Calgary Home Inspector Testimonials. Here are some of my past client's testimonials about my home inspection services. 

Thank You for the kind words everybody!

Wow! That is the most thorough inspection report I have ever seen. Thanks Chris!
— Agent Randy K.
Thanks very much, Chris. I never thought of forwarding the report on to a contractor. That makes a lot of sense.
— Laura P.
I wanted to get back to you and THANK YOU again for your service and instruction this past week. I am really impressed with the report, and the extra information (in the sense of house systems and functions) offered through the links of the report.

As well, I feel like I have a good grasp of the operations of the house, and what I need to do to fix and maintain my soon-to-be new home. Everyone who is provided the opportunity to attend the house inspection should do so! What an awesome and generous service you provide! Thanks again,
— Pam M.
Thank you for taking good care of Navin for me!

— Agent Alex K.

Thank you for doing such a detail and thorough home inspection report for me, very impressive.
— Loretta C.
Thank you so much Chris, it was great meeting you. You did a very good, thorough inspection and I was very impressed. Thank you for everything!
— Jennifer C.
Thank You Chris! That report will save me a lot of headache and money in the future. Good job. Will refer you to other people when opportunity comes.
— Hristo I.
Thanks Chris. That’s awesome!
— Mark L.
Thanks so much for the detailed report. I will pass it to the contractor so he can follow all your recommendations when he renovates our house.
— Clare L.
Thank you for being so thorough and helpful. We appreciate your expertise.
— Sharon M.
Thanks for all your input yesterday, it was really helpful.
— Lucie F.
Thanks Chris,

Abby and I were saying we are so happy we chosen you for our inspection, we feel we got much more than an home inspection, feels like we know our Condo a lot more then we would have.

Also, if you ever need a testimonial for your website please let us know and we would be very happy to. I’m pretty sure our future purchases we will be seeking your help and I will be highly recommending you to my friends.

— Blair P.
WOW awesome job!

Although I wish it went better, I am relieved to know what the “to do” list requires.

Thank you again,
— Holly G.
“I was so fortunate to have met Chris. He has since been my go to Home Inspector. Being a REALTOR®️ I see a lot of home inspections and I have never seen another dig as deep as Chris does. I can’t recommend Hawkeye Home Inspections enough!” www.rolandjdarelrealty.ca

— REALTOR®️ Roland J. Darel Realty

I have to tell you that I am absolutely and truly amazed by your professional expertise, the thoroughness of your job and the quality of the report. Thank you very much!
— Sergey G.
Thank you Chris, you’re awesome and thank you for teaching me so much about the home stuff. Thanks,
— San C.


I have gone over the report and just wanted to thank you again for such an awesome job!! I will definitely recommend you to anyone else I know who needs a house inspection.
— James & Sherri H.


Thanks Chris. It was great to meet you. Your work is very thorough and this report is very comprehensive.
— Donald C
Thank you very much for such an excellent job done on the inspection yesterday and report. We are very pleased with the quality of your work and glad that we made the right choice of working with you. You can count on us to spread the good words! In fact, my wife is going to tell her coworker, whom recommended someone else to us, about our experience tomorrow. Way to go Chris!
— Chris C.
Thank you for your report, it exceeded expectations and we particularly appreciate how you went above and beyond what was expected in walking us through the house. We encountered some complications with the seller when attempting to remove conditions but because of the comprehensive nature of the inspection felt secure in our knowledge of the risks we were assuming and felt comfortable moving forward.

Please let us know if we can assist you in anyway by providing a testimonial or reference as we would be more than happy to do that.

Take care,
— Jake J.
Thank you for taking the time to answer my follow up questions earlier today.

As I said, I was both pleasantly surprised and impressed by your report, and also by the extent and scope of the inspection work you did. Both my wife and I really appreciate the diligence you showed during the inspection, and we commend you for that.

— Francis Y.
Thanks Chris. I will let you know if I have questions. I appreciate your work.
— Frankie X.
Thanks for the report,Chris, and for being so thorough in your work.
— Bob O.
Thanks Chris! We appreciated all your work.
— Sarah M
Thanks again for your help. The report was very thorough.
— Cody L.
Thank you kindly for your services, we couldn’t have asked for a better inspection! Kris and I were very please with your knowledge and information. As well as all the pointers for future fix-er-upers.

— Tanya B.

It was a real pleasure to working with you. I have really appreciated your professionalism and I will be very glad to refer anyone who would need a home inspection.

— Mouhamed G.

Inspection looks great - really impressed with how thorough it is. Thanks a ton.
— Steve H.
We truly appreciate the amount of time you took to do your inspection, and the fact that you took so much time to review your findings with us in person.
— Susan/Shawn M.
Thanks for the report and taking time for our house inspection. We are happy with your work.
— Nader B
Thanks Chris. Really appreciate the time you put into this! If you ever need a reference, let me know, I’d be happy to. Cheers,
— Ryan O
Hi Chris! Excellent job! Thank you so much! Best regards,
— Lois S.
I appreciate your devoted attention to our concerns. I shall gladly pass on your name to others looking for your services.

— Jack C.
Just wanted to say thanks for the report. I have withdrawn my offer to purchase this property and have started a new search. When I find a new place I will be getting in touch with you for another inspection.

— Adam J.
Thank you for taking the extra time to include extra details - I appreciate the effort for certain.
— Carolyn E.
Thanks a lot, the report looks great.
— Brenan N.
Chris, Thanks so much once again... that is awesome. And incredible details to attention man.

Thanks for your time and thoroughness on the inspection and everything.
— Thomas C.
Great to meet you today and thanks for your thoroughness with our house inspection.
— Scott M.
Thanks a lot Chris,

You are awesome. I really appriciate your time, help & inspection.

I am very happy with your inspection.
— Ashok P.
home inspections

I will, unfortunately, be away from Mid October until possibly the end of November. Please accept my deepest apologies, I am looking forward to assisting you all again very soon!  Sincerely, Hawkeye Home Inspections



home inspections



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